Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cow Milk & Buffalo Milk – An Ayurvedic View Point

Cow Milk & Buffalo Milk – An Ayurvedic View Point :
Charak samhita is the oldest one in all Ayurvedic tests. In the  Charak Samhita the properties & the usage of cow & buffalo milk are described . The description is based on the panchamahabhautic theory. 

Cow Milk                                                                      Buffalo Milk
Properties – Best among the                              Properties – Enhances
Rejuvenator tonics .                                                       Sleep & decreases excessive

In the description from Charak Samhita the properties of cow’s milk & buffalo’s milk are compared. So the buffalo’s milk is colder, more unctuous, heavier than the cow milk. 
It means though the Gunas (properties) are same in both the milk but their percentage & proportion with each other varies in the two types. This difference in the proportion of Mahabhuta influences the properties of the milk. More of Pruthvi & Jala Mahabhuta are the causative factors of ‘Kapha dosha’ and hence buffalo’s milk increase the ‘kapha dosha’ in the body. Because of this increase in kapha dosha it enhances the sleep & controls excessive appetite. On the other hand because of the proportionate composition of gunas & the balance of Panchamahadhutas the cow milk is described as the best  rejuvenator & also it delights the mind.
Charakacharya stated that, because the properties of cow’s milk & ‘Oja’ are the same, the cow’s milk is the best among the rejuvinater tonics. 


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